Cut down on time.

Clean up the mess.

We can help.

Hidden in an average "clean" theater.

Typical premium seating installations don’t allow for easy access underneath the seating area, making cleaning difficult and time-consuming.  The result is either a prolonged cleaning period in-between showings, or a allowing your guests to sit in a venue which simply is not clean – not the best experience.

TheaterLink opens all of your chairs with the turn of a key, allowing easier access and cleaning of your seating area with a fraction of the effort and time.

Less time spent on cleaning means that venue owners and/or operators spend less on the labor associated with cleaning their facilities.  Guests can enjoy their entertainment in a comfortable, clean environment without the risk of encountering the accumulated mess of a day’s operation.

TheaterLink allows all of this with the turn of a key from our Hub Module.  Less mess. Less time. Less cost. A better experience for your patrons and for your bottom line.



The Hub Module

The Hub Module is installed once, per-theater, and allows for total control of all of the seating in the room with the turn of a key.  Instead of having to individually open, close, set, and reset each seat, TheaterLink gives the power of total control of your venue — saving time and money.

The Seat Module

The Seat Module connects two chairs to the TheaterLink system, allowing those seats to be remotely controlled from the central Hub.  Easy to install (with installation also available to suit your venue’s timeframe needs) and compatible with all seat manufacturers, TheaterLink requires minimum downtime for installation and maintenance while leaving little impact on the form-factor of your seating and the appearance of your venue.